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Who are we:

We are Chilean Asian Pacific a Food and Beverage Company that is looking to expand its brand worldwide, bringing a Latin American flavour on a global scale.
We create a wonderful experience, with our high quality sandwiches and a very enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere. We deliver a perfect mix of a well formulated business model, profitable results and ongoing training and support.

Republic of Chile 

At present we have 21 stores across Chile and we are still looking to expand our domestic market even further.

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Saudi Arabia
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Our 1st branch opened in 2021, currently we have 3 branches operating as well as a dark kitchen, We expect to develop our brand on an even greater scale in the coming years.

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The City of UlaanBaatar is home to our 1st branch which opened its doors in 2021, many more branches are expected to follow.

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Expected to open in 2022, Launch coming soon

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Planned to be ready in 2022.


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